Look closely at this SWEATY photo? What do you see? Answer at bottom of page.

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The sign of a good workout is sweat? No. Does it mean that the sweaty people are working harder than other people, not necessarily. Numerous factors can affect and influence sweat in our bodies. A number of factors which include outside/inside temperature and humidity. I find the more accurate way to test effort level is by the talk test (used long before we had running watches telling us heart rates, and pace). How can you tell if you are moving moderately… you should be able to converse comfortably with the person beside you. If you can't then is isnt moderate.

Why Do We Sweat?
We have got two types of sweat glands. One of them regulates body temp, and other is found in the arms and groin. The release of sweat can be decided by weight, age, fitness, gender, fluid consumption, clothes you wearing, stress levels etc. Move more aggressively/vigourously then body temperature will rise.

So when are body temperature goes up, our body counteracts this by releasing water to cool us down. Some people are genetically in a position to sweat more (important note is too never try to match your fellows training partner as a competitive metric for hard work, you might just be fighting genetics). In the end, the primary difference is going to be fitness levels that will dictate your sweat.

Overweight people are going to sweat more than people who are not because it requires more energy to cool down a large surface area. There is also the argument that when fit people sweat when they are exercising is that their body has adapted to efficiently regulating their temperate to keep them cool.

Interesting Fact
Interestingly, one study (British Journal of Sports Medicine) found "They found that when both the fit and unfit were at the same power output level, they had roughly the same total sweat output, but that there was a difference in where on the body they perspired more. The unfit participants appeared to sweat more on the forehead than the fit ones."

This was a photo of one of my clients on the ground after a 20 min cardio Metcon. •
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