Try 3 rounds of 30-60 seconds of each exercise 3 times. These are great for core stability, lower back flexibility, and hip mobility.⠀

1) Stability Dead Bug⠀

What does it do?⠀

'In short, it's a great exercise to train, what Dr. Stuart McGill refers to as the orchestra--internal/external obliques, rectus abdominus, and transverse abdominus. Too often, we get so focused on isolating ONE muscle, that we fail to recognize that we need to fire EVERYTHING; particularly when it comes to promoting core stability. As such, this is an excellent exercise that teaches the trainee to "engage" his/her core musculature, which in turn, will provide more spinal stability. It's a win-win.'⠀

Source - https://buff.ly/2pFeOaV⠀

2) Swiss Ball Hand to Feet Pass⠀

What does it do?⠀

Among the benefits of the hand-to-feet ball pass include improved flexibility of the upper and lower back and stronger abdominal muscles. While you build both upper and lower body coordination, you become more aware of your spine. You use muscles to not only produce movement but also to stabilize your torso while you're moving. The ball pass can be a difficult exercise. If you're not in good shape, you should start with simpler exercises to strengthen your core, such as the plank. ⠀

Source - https://buff.ly/2pGN3y1⠀

3) Stir The Pot Swiss Ball Plank⠀

What does it do?⠀

'As noted by Dr. McGill on numerous occasions, planks are a great exercise to train core endurance. As counterintuitive as it sounds, most people suffering from lower back pain have really strong backs - the reason they're jacked up most of the time is because they're using their backs for everything and are unable to dissociate their lumbar spine from their hips. As well, they have atrocious spinal endurance and stability. So more often than not, after establishing proper motor patterns, the first plan of attack is to gradually build their endurance up using various planks/lumbar spine stability drills, hip mobility drills, as well as improving general movement quality skills'⠀

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