FIRST EVER FITNESS TALKING FITNESS VIDEO ATTTEMPT! Back in 2017 I seen a boat, I seen rain and I thought 'Hey… lets give this stupid idea a go'! Why? To get across the below idea. Does your fitness life exist 100% within a gym? How much of your training benefits do you put into your daily life? Yes, it is fair to point out that exercise promotes every single daily activity we do. But why not try that outdoor challenge you have always wanted to do. It might be a adventure race (@spartan @hellandbackrun ) or the @dublinmarathon or even the @questadventureseries

This year I am going out of my own comfort zone to try new levels of races I have never done. The Quest Glendalough 57km challenge via running, cycling and kayaking. In fact a number of people from @fitnessgoose @flyefit have also signed up including @tomaswhelan_fitness@karenbirney @beansodwyer @garrymcpt 

At the end of the year I will also do the Polar Circle Marathon. On day one, 42km marathon. On day two a 21km half marathon for a total of 63km. I have never raced over 16km in my life. 
What challenges would you like to do in 2018?

Ask your local PT, coach, runner or friend about what you want to do? Perhaps you might even sign up for the next level in your training tomorrow morning. Get outside and use those gym skills to perform. In 2017, I also wanted to row in boat in with my top off. Primary goal? No. Funny. Yes...?

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