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Paul Moley

“I have been training with Andrew since end-2016. His style mixes professional and objective goal setting with a bit of fun and enjoyment. Andrew demystifies all areas of the gym (equipment, exercises) and tailors his approach to your needs, all the while not taking himself too seriously. I like that I can attend say 2 months and then go off with a dedicated strategy on my own for a month or two, before returning for check-up, monitoring and a programme tweak - before setting off again on solo spell.
I would highly recommend Andrew to both seasoned gym goers and newbies, he knows his stuff. Also, in the good weather, you get a text asking you to join runs in the park which are great fun! Give Andrew one opportunity and you won’t regret a moment of it.

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Karen Birney

“I’ve been training with Andrew for 6 weeks so far and look forward to our sessions every week. As a total newb to the gym I was completely intimidated by it all but he’s given me the confidence to stroll into the weights room with a smile, and leave in a sweat. He keeps an eye on everything from nutrition to any niggly injuries you might have from a previous life and is always on hand to give good advice and plenty of encouragement. He’s a bit of craic too, I suppose.”


Jenny Marie Bell

If you are looking for a personal trainer that’s dedicated to your goals, doesn’t take himself too seriously, makes the sessions fun, pushes you to results and is just an all round nice dude - then goose is your PT!

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Ruth Caffrey

“Have been training with Andrew for the last 10 weeks. He makes working out fun and always has something planned to push you a little bit farther each session. He motivates you when you are ready to give up and helps you achieve your own goals. His triple A class on a Friday is not to be missed if you want a challenging and enjoyable workout.”

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Camilla Bartek

“I’ve never been a fan of gym but training with Andrew for the last few weeks it’s being great! As english is not my mother language he’s been very patience with me. I’m reaching my goals and every session he gives a different workout. Some exercises I challenge myself and it’s fun! I’ve been more interested and motivated at gym (for the first time in my life!) after the training and seriously thinking about keep up for next 12 weeks. I highly recommend him! ”

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Brian MacDonald

Been training now with Andrew for past 12 weeks. Enjoying it and seeing improvements in running. No session is the same which is great and Andrew has tailored plans to fit with my goals. A lot of hard work ahead to smash the 330 marathon goal but it will be done and with Andrew's help it will become a reality. You'll not go wrong choosing him as your PT

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Fabrizo Cucco

Always pushes you to improve with fun and interesting challenges! Also, best and most fun classes by far!

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Helene Le Meur

“I've been working with Andrew for around 6 months and have seen amazing results. I have never felt stronger or healthier and it helped me a lot for my other hobby: kitesurfing.

Andrew is passionate,enthusiastic with a friendly personality that helps you feel comfortable going to the gym. He makes each workout challenging, creative and most importantly, fun! ”

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Rachael McCormack

If your looking for someone to push you out of your comfort zones and make you comfortable in any excercise you do Andrew is your man! He makes classes and training sessions so much fun! He is one trainer than can adapt any training session to anyone's capability and always pushes you and checks in to make sure you feel comfortable! Never thought I'd love the gym as much before completing classes and PT with him!

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Lisa Monahan

“If you’re a first timer and intimidated by gyms, I would highly recommend Fitness Goose as a trainer. You’ll laugh through his workouts (in between thinking you’re going to die/never going to be able to move again) and you’ll actually look forward to the next one. What sets him apart from other PTs is that *mush alert* he really puts the ‘Personal’ in to Personal Trainer. He makes you feel like your goals and achievements are his too.”

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Vivian Chen

“Great personal trainer and motivator. I’ve learned so much in a very short time, from diets to correct postures and to confidence! But more importantly I found something I’ve never thought I’d like- running. Looking forward to next session starting with 59”

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Gemma Kilbane

“Having had a love/hate relationship with gyms.. more hate, this guy has successfully converted me into the gym lover I thought I’d never be.....actually nobody thought I’d ever be! Every session is different, tough which is good, he pushes me and now I’m pushing myself, at the end of the week I can’t wait for the next! He’s also got me back running and loving it...massive achievement!
You can tell it’s his passion in life not just his career. Can’t recommend Andrew highly enough.”