Why can't I lose weight?

Take a look through some of the 8 reasons why you might not be losing the weight you want. This is not a complete list, but below you may identify one key reason which is stopping you from reaching your goals.

1. Exercising inefficiently

Too much exercise and too little exercise. Overtraining can just be as bad as under-training. It always good to write out your weekly and monthly plan and then analyse at the end of each period what went right or wrong.

2. Plateauing due to the same plan

Do you do the same thing in the gym or the park each day? This may have led to the body adapting to this type of training which has caused you to become better at it, which in turn affects the body and its ability to burn fat.

3. You are NOT what you eat

But you are what you digest and absorb. Thinking of your body like a plant? A healthy gut helps fight disease, process foods better and honest nutrients assist this all.

4. Sitting

Unfortunately, if you have a job where you sit down 7-9 hours a day at work. Well you have to work a little bit harder than people who stand most of the day.

First fix? Add a 20 minute walk into your lunch each day

5. Zzzzzz

Did you know your body repairs and builds muscle only in your sleep.

More sleep = More Repair

Enough said.

6. Chew Chew Chew

Don’t inhale your food (eat it all as fast as possible) because this does help the body digest as efficiently as possible. Chew your food until its liquid

7. ¼ ¼ + ½

You eat too much. Listen to your body. And simply try to even out the portions of food on your plate. ¼ Protein, ¼ Carbs + ½ Veggies.

8. Stress + You = Bad Training

The higher stress your levels, the higher your cortisol levels are which can affect blood sugar imbalances. The has been said to increase weight gain around the midline. Plan your training into your life.

Andrew Moore