6 pillars of fat loss

Weight loss is never a straight week to week drop. It is usually combined with a few peaks and troughs. Maybe you go 2 steps in the right direction and on week 3 you go back 1 step. This sometimes is often the case. And as a personal trainer this can be one of the frustrating challenges when working with clients. 

HOWEVER, on occasion a client will come in with a goal and will make a consistent drop every weigh in. Does this happen to everyone one of your clients every week? No! If all your clients drop fat/weight every week consistently - fairplay. I am not afraid to admit that everyone is different and some people struggle more than others. 

How is David different? Well I asked him. I asked David if he could go home and write up what he found as his 5 main pillars/reasons that got him to create a consistent fat loss/weight loss drop and this is what he came back with. Simple and easy to read reasons. No special diets, exercises, pills, waffle or crap. He ended up writing 6 pillars. Fairplay @dabhula

1. MyFitnessPal
2. No Snacks
3. Meal Prep
4. Set a Goal
5. Exercise Routinely to Change State of Mind
6. Personal Trainer

Please view the picture to learn about these Pillars in Dave's words. Please saved the photos to your Instagram saved photos!

Andrew Moore