What are Macros? And why is everyone talking about them?

So you are counting calories. Congratulations. It is better than counting nothing and have zero measurement to understand the underlying reasons to why you gained weight or even lost weight. But is calorie counting the end?


Let’s have a large pizza, some wine and perhaps a brownie to end the week and then see that we have visibly improved the tone and muscle aesthetics of our body. This is what happens when you count your macros (Macros = Macronutrients)


Macronutrients broken down are simply what we need to keep the body functioning.



·      Protein

·      Carbohydrates

·      Fats

Macronutrients role      


  • Proteins primary role is to build and repair muscle

  • Carbohydrates primary role is to provide energy

  • Fats primary role are to keep you satiated


Why should you care? The right balance of these 3 groupings will assist you to lose weight, promote effect fat burning and building leaner muscle


Break It Down


The macro approach liberates the nasty reputation carbohydrates have received of the past 10-20 years. If you want to exercise regularly, then they are a necessity. However, with a more sedentary and non-active lifestyle they can become a problem.


Tip – On non-active days you should have higher ratio of protein and fats to carbs. Make sense!


A good starting point for your macro is a 40/40/20 ratio of


Protein 4/10

Carbohydrates 4/10

Fats 2/10


However, quality food sources are still a necessity and depending on training days, work, lifestyle, stress, smoking, alcohol, age, illness a macro ratio can and should be rotated to fit in with your lifestyle.

Andrew Moore