6 Mistakes The Beginner Makes Getting Fit



This person thinks in a very short term manner and wants to do exercise as a means for easy reward. Now it is important to treat yourself, this is not in question. However, training for the ability to eat is not a long term plan. Today I ran 5 miles (300-500 calories), therefore now I will have 2 donuts post run (500-1000 calories).


The math does not stack up and these people can usually end up gaining weight as they count donuts and not calories.




January first arrives and this person decides that they want to do everything immediately. Buy a new wardrobe, run every morning, 300 sit-ups per day, only vegetables, no fats (see here for more information on fats) and zero alcohol.


While this is impressive. Over 80% of people drop one, two or nearly all of their above January goals because it is just too hard to do everything at once. It is best to start small, reach the first small target. Then increase that target.




This person likes to say the words “I am going to be skinny” or “I am going to fit into the dress”. However, this person does not set any type of goal. Yes, they may turn up to the gym 3 days a week for the first 2 weeks. But without setting measurable goals they end up staying in the same shape.


If you plan is to fit into this dress. Then you need to understand what your current dress size is, and what the goal size dress is. Get a personal trainer to measure your sizes and build a plan on how you can get to that size. For example is the dress size is 16 and you want to get to a 12 then you must train and understand how long it will take to get there and what steps you must need to take daily, weekly or monthly.




This person decides that they will train, eat and get healthy on their own. This is admirable however if you surround yourself with people who embellish on alcohol, sweets, junk food and zero exercise then you will only become the best average of those group of people.


In the end they will suck you back into this world of bad diet, and bad routines.



Gym Variety Mistake


This person comes to the gym often, but is constantly chasing all the new trends in fitness. Pullups with towels, 21s, fasted cardio, teatox diets.


Change is good. Variety is great. However, a key part of training is the ability to measure and record your success. When choosing a new exercise it is important to remember that you may not have done this before and brain/body has no muscle memory of this activity. Generating the gains from this effort initially can be a struggle and as the new technique is not allowing you to drive a efficient training effect.


Asking your local personal trainer or gym professional to look at your current program, and ask them for advice on how to fit new training regimes into your workout?


Good example? How many personal trainers recommended the ab roller nowadays?



Ab Curl Walrus


If you are reading this then you probably have over the years googled and web search many various types of fitness articles. Hopefully by now you release that spot reduction is a myth, and no matter how many ab curls you do, this will not reduce stomach fat to show off your abs.


The key to showing off your abs is to reduce OVERALL body fat.


However, this person really wants to spend that last 20 minutes (or perhaps the only 20 minutes) of their gym session doing ab curls to reduce stomach fat. Someone needs to tell this person that if they really want to see their abs then they must burn more calories then they consume.



Andrew Moore